How to Fix Mechanical Keyboard Double Typing?

Mechanical keyboards have gained high popularity since the rise of gamers and gaming setups. Mechanical or gaming keyboards are highly durable which makes them a good investment and can be used for a long time irrespective of how roughly you use them.

In those situations where a normal keyboard is likely to fail entirely, the mechanical keyboard will save your pride. However, Double Typing is one of the issues likely to be encountered in a mechanical keyboard.

Still, nothing, that cannot be fixed, which means, you can fix mechanical keyboard double input issue yourself instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a replacement.

What is Keyboard Chattering?


A mechanical keyboard double typing or keyboard chattering is a phenomenon where a single input or keypress results in unwanted or multiple outputs. For example, if you type ‘Keyboard’, the result due to the chattering of a key, say Y, will be ‘Keyyboard’.

This causes errors in typing and greater errors in gaming. Also, no one likes a device that is faulty, the choices we have then are either to clear the fault or replace the device, where clearing or fixing the fault is a much better idea than replacing the entire device and spending bundles of dollars.

Think of it as if you are playing an online game and are in the crucial half of the game, where it will be decided who will win and who will lose, and suddenly, one of your determining keys starts chattering. Now you know how important it is to get rid of the double typing keys.

What Causes Keyboard Double Typing OR Chattering

Keyboard double pressing keys or Chattering can occur due to many reasons- due to external or internal factors. Some of the common reasons that result in this phenomenon are as follows-

1. Dust in the keyboard


Accumulation of dust inside the keyboard, in between or below the keys can result in malfunctioning of the keys and even double typing. Piled-up dust or grease can mess with the efficiency of any device, and hitting multiple keys is a common phenomenon in the presence of dust.

2. Gorilla usage


Rough usage of or gorilla usage of the mechanical keyboard will not disable the keyboard completely, but it may cause some malfunctioning or crashing of some keys Though mechanical keyboards are more durable than general keyboards, complete rough usage may lead to some minor inconveniences.

3. Faulty Switches


An improper or faulty switch in the mechanical keyboard can be one of the reasons why the key keeps typing. It can be detected while being manufactured, or due to continued usage. A faulty switch is many times the reason behind the chattering of the keyboard.

4. Heating issues


Continued usage of the keyboard may even cause heating issues and lead to many more problems related to the keyboard. One of them is the key keeps repeating, which causes double pressing of the faulty keys. Heat or humidity causes such problems in the keyboard and other devices too.

Ways to Fix Mechanical Keyboard Double Typing Issue


If your keyboard is chattering, you do not need to replace it with a new keyboard or look for a mechanic who would help you with your precious gaming keyboard, you can do it completely on your own.

This can be done affordably and easily, without having to stress about how we got the perfect guide for you to fix your mechanical keyboard double typing on your own. Some of the ways by which you can try repairing your keyboard are mentioned below.

Use Canned or Compressed Air


Canner or compressed air can be useful if the chattering is caused due to dust. The air will break down the dust particles and the key chattering or any other issue you are facing along with it will also be resolved and the keyboard will start working properly.

To use canned air to dust off the dust, hold the can in a proper position so that the liquid air does not ooze out and spray to where you feel the dust must be accumulating. This will get you rid of any dust particles that might have been causing troubles in the keyboard.

Replace the Switch


The switch or the metal part that makes contact when pressed, below the key can come off, get damaged, or break off with time and cause chattering in the keyboard or double typing.

This switch can be replaced by soldering or by using a hot glue gun (with care) according to the specific keyboard instructions. By replacing the damaged switch, double typing may stop and result in proper typing.

Start Tapping Constantly


Sometimes, chattering can also occur due to some temporary misconduct in pressing the key. Find the key that is double typing and start hitting the particular key continuously. Tapping constantly, see if the issue affects only one key or multiple keys, and if it affects multiple keys, then note which one.

Tap those keys with necessary pressure but do not exert ethereal force on them. Try clicking the keys a few times and they might start functioning well, if not, then the problem might be something else.

Find Replacement


Look for any broken keycap or broken switch. If one of your keys is making a click sound and you have not found any problems with the cables, it might be because of one of the faulty or broken keycaps.

Also, the part of the key that makes contact when pressed, which is called the switch, may also come loose or break off and result in faulty typing. The faulty keycap or switch may cause chattering and replacing them can resolve this issue.

Keycaps can be replaced easily and you can do this completely on your own. As for the switches, you can easily buy another switch and replace it with the faulty switch by following proper instructions regarding the mechanical keyboard.

Adjust Repeating Key rate

Sometimes, the problem can be with the repeating key rate, which is the rate at which the operating system accepts repeated keystrokes.

If the problem of double typing is occurring due to the improper key rate, then modifying this will help you fix the chattering without making any physical modifications to the keyboard. Hence, saving a lot of time and energy.

To adjust the repeating key rate,

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Search for 'keyboard'.
  3. The keyboard properties are opened.
  4. Go to the ‘speed’ tab of the popup window.
  5. Look for the ‘repeat delay’ setting.
  6. Adjust the settings and try tapping again.
  7. Find the speed at which the keyboard stops chattering.
  8. Apply the settings and close the window.


Why is my keyboard typing extra?

The phenomenon where your keyboard is typing extra is called Keyboard double typing or keyboard chattering. This can occur due to many physical and internal issues. These factors can be dust, heating, improper key rate, cable issues, rough usage, or faulty switches.

How do you fix repeated keyboard keys?

The repeated keyboard keys can be fixed by changing internal settings, cleaning up, or adjusting some internal settings.

If there is dust accumulated behind the keys or inside the keyboards, then using compressed or canned air can be helpful, adjusting the keyboard settings or replacing the keycap or switch also resolves the issue. Depending upon the issue that is causing the double typing or chattering, the solutions vary.

How do I turn off slow keys and repeat keys?

To turn off the slow keys or repeat keys, you can go to keyboard properties. For this, go to Control panel> Hardwares> Keyboard> Keyboard Properties. Here you can adjust the speed of the keyboard according to your convenience, fast or slow, and response time too.

In some cases, due to the improper key speed and response time, double typing occurs and can be fixed by adjusting the keyboard speed in the ‘keyboard properties.


Mechanical keyboards are a gamer’s soul and they cannot play with a broken soul that is, a chattering keyboard. Thus, it is important to keep the keyboard health in check. Gaming keyboards are meant to be used roughly, but they need to be maintained too.

Clean your keyboard regularly and clean them using sanitizing wipes and blow off the dust regularly, clean the keyboard is free from 80 percent of the issues. Maintaining keyboard health is also necessary along with the cleanliness, checking the cables and type testing each key to check everything is working properly is a boost to keyboard immunity and will ensure the keyboard works longer.

In case double typing issue occurs, follow the steps mentioned above, that is- blowing off dust, checking the cables and switches, changing keyboard properties, or tapping the keys constantly. If all these methods fail, try replacing the keycap or the switches that might be faulty.