Keyboard Ghosting The Definitive Guide 2022

What Is Keyboard Ghosting?

When a user presses a key and doesn't register, ghosting occurs, termed as keyboard Ghosting.

What is ghosting on a keyboard?

If you press multiple keys simultaneously in some keyboards, those keys don't work and don't reflect on the pc screen.

Key ghosting is a problem with certain keyboards that won't allow you to press over 2 or 3 keys simultaneously.

For instance, you will press the A, S, D, and F keys at the identical time as one another, but the keyboard doesn't register the F key you've pressed.

What Causes Keyboard Ghosting?


Keyboard ghosting is mainly due to these reasons:

  • The hardware can't read the given key combination.
  • Multiple simultaneous keys don't support by the software.
  • Between the hardware and software, the communication protocol limits the maximum number of concurrent keys.

So basically, the keyboard has no way of understanding which keys out of these four keys did you press because the following vital combinations could all be valid, resulting in ghosting keyboards.

How to Test Keyboard Ghosting?

The keyboard ghosting test gets interesting now. There are several factors to think about when performing keyboard ghosting tests.

2 Methods to check Keyboard Ghosting

1.Using WordPad

Keyboard ghosting tests aren't always as simple as you may think. To determine whether keyboards can press and register over 3 keys together. So, open WordPad or any reasonable text editor and open a replacement document.

Press multiple 3 or more key combinations and see what number of these keys are typed onto the document. If all of typed, keyboard had no ghosting.

However, at times, some keyboards handle more conventional technology and switches for specific keyboard sections. The technology isn't as great for others, which could cause one area to ghost and, therefore, the other section is not susceptible to ghosting.

2.Checking with an On-screen Keyboard

Open an on-screen keyboard. The thing about on-screen keyboards is that they highlight the keys being pressed at a specific time.

Let's say press many keys together; if they're all highlighted, it means no ghosting present, but if 2 or only 3 are highlighted and pressed more, it implies ghosting is present on the keyboard.

So, press other combinations moreover to search out if a keyboard is no key rollover or simply slightly.

How to Fix Keyboard Ghosting?


But not everyone can repair the keyboard's hardware, and simply it's an excessive amount of a hassle. Now the question arises, how to remove ghosting?

We can fix keyboard ghosting by using key Remapping and buying an Anti-ghosting keyboard.

Key Remapping

If there is key ghosting in one section of the keyboard, merge that section with a non-ghosting section of your keyboard.

Once you've tested which side is non-ghosting, you'll be able to use third-party software to remap the keys onto the opposite section and utilize the keys without experiencing any ghosting.

This method seems to figure almost on every occasion, but it takes an extended time to work out, so that's why it isn't very efficient. But if you want to use it, it'll get the task done.

Buying an Anti-ghosting Keyboard


When you tried all these above troubleshoot method and the outcome remain same and you got frustrated then buying an anti-ghosting keyboard is the best option for you. Now, simply ditch the bad ghosting keyboard and go for a contemporary, high-quality anti-ghosting keyboard that comes with N-key rollover.

Anti-ghosting keyboards are expensive, but buying an anti- ghosting keyboard will definitely make things easier for your computer usage.

What is an Anti-Ghosting Keyboard?

"Keyboard Ghosting" or "Ghosting" is the obstacle that arises once you press various keys simultaneously yet do not view output for that within the monitor as those results are failed. Here, anti-ghosting came into existence to resolve this issue.

Anti-ghosting denotes a novel keypress that's essential after you press over 2 to three keys at a specific time. It can happen during gameplay after you press the keys very frequently. If you had a singular place for a particular action to perform, then anti-ghosting is essential.

Does My Keyboard Have Anti-Ghosting?

When a keyboard is marketed as "Anti-Ghosting," it should just ask a specific subset of keys on the keyboard working well together. So, the question arises, does my keyboard have anti-ghosting?

This is the precise statement of a few keyboards whether or not only one combination of keys of that particular size are often pressed simultaneously. In contrast, many three key varieties remain with ghosting issues.

For example, a user playing a game might think that he or she had not hit the key fast enough for the foundations of the sport, instead of the key not being reported by the hardware in any respect.

What is N-Key Rollover?


The best of all, however, are n-key rollovers. This is often a relevant name, as an n-key rollover keyboard has no upper key limit. Every single keypress is registered separately, which implies no ghosting at all!

You may also see something remarked as N-key rollover referring to keyboard ghosting.

It's a reasonably common term used amongst gamers to explain the most specific keywords for his or their purpose means that if you were to press every key on your keyboard at the same time, they'd all work and enter the function.

You may wonder why and who would ever need this – well, when playing gamers with a keyboard, there are times where you will want to carry down many alternative keys directly.

To run, jump, aim, and fire in a particular direction simultaneously, you'll probably need multiple keys to try to do this.

How Do Keyboard Designers Improve on Keyboard Ghosting?

Keyboard designers can improve keyboard ghosting with the help of three different steps.

  • Rearranging the wires within the keyboard by the keyboard makers to prevent critical combinations that are often used together from keyboard ghosting.
  • Use extra wires to forestall ambiguity while pressing key combinations.
  • A diode may be used on every key to register them individually.

The first method, though probably the simplest, doesn't entirely solve the matter.

It simply moves the difficulty of ghosting to a unique set of keys, which are likely not used together as often and might go unnoticed. It's the tactic utilized in many anti-ghosting keyboards.

The second method, on the other hand, solves the matter. But adding more wires means building more circuitry for the keyboards; employing a diode may also fix the difficulty.

Benefits of Anti Ghosting Keyboard?


Anti-ghosting keyboards are pretty amazing. They could come for an upscale price, but they need plenty of advantages and advantages they are available with. Let's take a glance at a number of the benefits of anti-ghosting keyboards.

  • Typists Usage

If you're a typist, you're writing a commentary or acting on a piece project. You're trying to use a specific macro or shortcut for a function involving quite a pair of keys, all of your keys are registered, and your work won't come to an extended halt.

  • Gaming

As a gamer, fast-paced action is what you would like from your keyboard. If you’re pressing over some keys at the identical time during a multiplayer game at a vital stage, anti-ghosting keyboards would ensure you don’t experience ghosting and lose your momentum. For gamers, pressing plenty of keys at the identical time is important. So, you'll imagine how frustrating it'd be if you would like to press 4 or 5 keys whilst playing and only having the ability to use 3 at the identical time.

  • Programming

If you're a programmer and performing on an IDE, at times, you would have to use shortcuts for introducing code templates and Emmet elements to the code. For this, you'll press as many keys as you wish, and you won't have a controversy thanks to the anti-ghosting.

  • Quick Registration

Compared to straightforward keyboards, anti-ghosting keyboards' registration time and the reaction time of commands that return is rapid. This will make your keyboarding experience quite efficient, and that's what we wish when we're employing a computer.

  • No Keypress is lost

Keypresses are lost when it involves keyboards that are vulnerable to ghosting. But in anti-ghosting keyboards, keypresses aren't lost irrespective of what percentage keys you would possibly press together, which makes the usage easier, shortcuts better, and also the overall experience much swifter. So, by using anti-ghosting keyboards no keypress is lost.

  • Better features

Mostly, anti-ghosting or N-key rollover is on the market in higher-end keyboards that are premium quality and style.

Naturally, these keyboards include great features, customization options, and components that you can utilize to create your keyboarding experience better.

These are all the explanations that getting an anti-ghosting keyboard will be a good decision for you.


So, coping with the keyboard ghosting issue, although not quite common, can make life easier.

During this article, we discussed a variety of how to create sure it never happens. Have an incredible keyboarding experience along with your anti-ghosting keyboard!

For gamers, pressing lots of keys at an identical time is crucial. So, you'll imagine how frustrating it'd be if you would like to press 4 or 5 keys while playing and only can use 3 simultaneously.

Every time technology takes the next leap; it raises the bar for brand spanking new user experiences and challenges.

Similarly, the bar of computer gaming is additionally rising then are the challenges. With the most recent technology, the completion of gaming is full-on and will always keep you one step ahead.


1. How do I stop my keyboard from ghosting?

  1. Start the registry editor (regedit.exe)
  2. Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkProvider
  3. Select New - DWORD value
  4. Enter a reputation of Restore Connection and press Enter
  5. Double click the new value, set to:
    • 0 - Windows NT/2000 ghost
    • 1 - Windows NT/2000 won't ghost
  6. Click OK
  7. Close the registry editor
  8. Restart the PC

2. Do mechanical keyboards have ghosting?

Usually, you'll not find ghosting in any mechanical keyboard, unlike membrane keyboards. However, the bulk of them works fine with three keys pressed together, which is enough for any pro gamer.

3. How does one know if your keyboard is ghosting

So, one among the simplest ways to search out is to Press both the Shift Keys and begin typing every letter within the order they are on your keypad. If you see missing letters within the series, they are "ghosted" as expected.

Press and hold ASDW (the hottest keys for traveling in games), and then, while holding those down, press every other key successively. If you discover a key that doesn't work, then your keyboard is ghosting.