Keyboard Test

Check every key of your keyboard with Online Keyboard Tester

What is a keyboard Tester?

Is your keyboard not working well? Are you finding difficulties in typing correctly? If you are facing any of these problems, you do not have to worry anymore. Here we bring you the best online keyboard test that will help you diagnose the issues in your keyboard and make it better for further use.

Keyboard testers are tools that can give you an overview of the quality of the keyboard.

The keyboard checker will help you determine whether your keyboard key is working well and will help detect any possible faults.

They are readily available online on different websites. When you open the website, an interface is open that tests the quality of the keyboard.

Features of Keyboard Tester

  • This Key test is simple and easy to use. You can readily check keyboard keys by just typing.
  • This test supports different keyboards designed for distinct operating systems such as Windows, Linux/Ubuntu, and Macintosh.
  • It is super fast and has a simple interface. You press the keys, the virtual keyboard responds immediately and shows you the keyboard test results.
  • You can use this online keyboard test tool to test your keyboard for free. There is no need to buy and install any additional hardware or software.No hidden fees, no popup, or any other annoying ads.
  • The free online keyboard tester is 100% safe and secure. Nothing is uploaded or recorded during the keyboard test.
  • It helps you find non-working key switches so that you do not face typographical errors in the future.

How does a Keyboard Test (Key Test) work?

A Keyboard tester asks you to press certain keys and perform a particular task. A keyboard appears on the screen virtually that similar key on it will change its color.

In case the color does not change, you have found the faulty key in your laptop keyboard. This tool also generates a report. With this report, you can also get to know how long-lasting your keyboard is.

How to use a Keyboard Tester?

This tool is easy to use, follow the steps given below

  • To use the keyboard key tester tool, open the KeyboardTester.net on your browser.
  • Navigate to the testing page. There you will see a virtual keyboard depicting your device.
  • The colors of the keyboard on your screen will tell you the status of your pressed key.
  • The key will turn green once you press it.
  • As soon as you lift your hand, it will be green if the key is working well.
  • If you do not see the green color, you have found your faulty keyboard keys.
  • To check if there is any keyboard ghosting for shortcuts or a combination of keys, you can also press multiple keys in an instance.

When can you use a Keyboard Tester?

When your keyboard starts working slow and missing letters, constantly going back and forth between rechecking the text and fixing errors can be tiresome.

At this moment, the choice to use an online keyboard test should be made because it can be a readily accessible solution to your keyboard issues.

It is always recommended to use a keyboard tester before purchasing a keyboard. By testing a keyboard, you get the best quality, long-lasting, and most affordable keyboard.

What do I do if my keyboard won't type?

Troubleshoot keyboard

If your device fails to fulfill this test, you can try to troubleshoot it.

  • Go to Start>Settings>Update and Security.
  • In the Troubleshoot page, scroll down to find the keyboard section and choose Run the troubleshooter.

Update Driver

Update keyboard driver to see if it fixes your keyboard.

  • Click on the Device Manager from Start Menu.
  • Right-click on the keyboard and select Update Driver. Wait while Windows finds a new driver and installs it.

Check Connection

If you use an external mechanical keyboard, ensure all connections are intact. Moreover, try changing your port to check if it works.

  • If you are a laptop user, make sure all connections are clean and correctly plugged. properly
  • If you are using a wireless keyboard, make sure there are no heavy electric machines around your system as they can cause delay or complete signal loss to your device.

Change the Keyboard

If none of these fixes work for you, the keyboard may be defective. If you are within the warranty period of your device, you may be eligible for a free replacement.

What should you check when buying a new keyboard?

  • You must check all the characters, numeric, function, arrow keys, and special characters.
  • According to the QWERTY standards, verify the ordering of the keys.
  • The keys that work in combination like shift+[other keys] must be checked.
  • You must check the color of the keyboard body and keys on it to differentiate between both.
  • Examine the font size and type as per specification.
  • By pressing every key, examine if you can type on them smoothly and make extra noise when pressed.
  • Verify if all the numeric keys are working properly and smoothly or not.
  • If the keyboard has a different numeric segment, then you must check those keys thoroughly.
  • You can also examine the multimedia functions of the keyboard.

Why should you take Keyboard Test?

Anyone who wants to test how well your keyboard works should use this tool due to the following reasons:

  • A struck key ends up destroying the entire flow of your typing that indirectly hinders your creativity while writing. This test will help you overcome this problem.
  • The test is crucial as it will help you in actually verifying the health of your keyboard in a matter of seconds.
  • These tests help avoid all kinds of unnecessary efforts and expenses in terms of taking your laptop to an expert, waiting period, buying a new keyboard if the old keyboard can be fixed, and much more.
  • It ensures that each interactive element[ links, buttons, and other controls] is operable for people who do not use a mouse. It helps people with physical/motor disabilities who need to use keyboard or switch devices for input.
  • It provides testers with hints about anything that does not work as expected.
  • This test is super-fast, efficient, and easy to use. It is free of cost and supports all platforms and all kinds of keyboards.


How can I test my keyboard?

You can navigate to the online keyboard test to check your keyboard by simply pressing keyboard keys. You can also review your keyboard by typing on a notepad or other programs of similar nature.

How do I know if my keyboard is bad?

The initial indicator of your keyboard not working accurately would be constant issues with typing either it is slow or a key may not type. An effortless method to check that your keyboard is unresponsive, reboot your device, and then the system's BIOS Power-on-Self-Test will figure out the rest for you.

What is ghosting on a keyboard?

Key ghosting is a problem where some keyboard keys do not work when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. These keystrokes do not show up on the computer or seem to have disappeared. It can cause a problem for you while gaming or using keyboard shortcuts.